Apple M1 Chip

Apple M1 Chip

So here it is, after the announcement earlier this year from Apple to shift away from Intel towards Apple Silicon. Three events in a single year, from upgrades to iPad, iWatch, new services, and now the new MacBooks and Mac Mini!

While companies like Intel are struggling to keep pace, and NVIDIA facing production shortages. Apple used the time to jump ahead in many regards. We have all been waiting to see the actual performance of the new chip and when you look at it it's astonishing.

If you still need a reason to understand why you would create Apple Silicon instead of staying with Intel:
"Whilst in the past 5 years Intel has managed to increase their best single-thread performance by about 28%, Apple has managed to improve their designs by 198%, or 2.98x (let’s call it 3x) the performance of the Apple A9 of late 2015."

I called it before and I have to repeat it here again. The PC components business with exchangeable parts and incompatibility has reached its peak.

The true integration of hardware and software is creating a better experience. Something that allows you to once again create differentiations far exceeding the sum of the single components.

Going forward

The new chip alone is well newsworthy. With better performance/power consumption and peak performance. But what should also be kept in mind is the added flexibility for new trends.

When we look at the PC ecosystem today, many tasks haven't been optimized as much as they could have been. Having a CPU required to be generic and the GPU, which got a lot of extra tasks over the year. From Bitcoin mining to Machine Learning.

With ownership of the chips, Apple can introduce hardware to solve common problems much quicker. Without having to respect the greater ecosystem. They need to make it work for their Operating System and their Hardware. No need to think about other components that are being produced elsewhere where they would have a lot less control.

This allows for much quicker iterations and innovation, while the modular world's inherent system will be left behind.