Apple Fitness+ Innovation

Apple Fitness+ Innovation

We got reminded yesterday how innovation can kill your business model overnight. With Fitness+ the business models of Peloton, VAHA, freeletics, and MIRROR are on the line.

Peloton stock dropped from $88.43 immediately to $83.93

Fitness+ looks like such a better value for customers doing fitness. For those of you who didn't catch up, Apple announced a $9.99 monthly subscription model. Combining Apple Watch and fitness sessions, much like the companies listed above.

Getting the health data from the watch allows for personal integration. I like this move a lot, especially since the pair it with Apple One. A bundle that allows creating the ultimate value for customers. TV, Music, Fitness, News all in one place.

It also adds to the story of Apple to get into health. As it aims towards making health there major contributions to society.

Very curious how this all turns out, with the announcement done the reviews should come in.

This might have been the most exciting keynote for a long time from my perspective.

But I am biased with aiming for the iPad Air :)