Over the last ten years, I tried to convince customers that choice is what they are looking for—offering PC systems tailored to their needs, with configurations sometimes boosting several millions of combinations.

But the reality is that most people have been sticking to the default configurations. They changed the disk space here, and the memory there or sometimes picked a different GPU brand.

When you have a look at the Apple lineup, you can also see this. How long did it take Apple to introduce more colors? How many different disk space options are there?

8.420.000 results for the search "iPad air 2020 64gb vs 256gb".

People don't know what to pick. They are so desperate to find help, even for the smallest of options.
This adds tremendous stress on customers. Imagine you would have added more and more choice. How should someone pick the right one?

The Choice Overload and Analysis paralysis are two explanations for our problems with making a decision.

There are many actions that you can derive from this. From an understanding of why Amazon Reviews are so powerful. You realize how personalization helps get input from users without them making an active selection.

You should ask yourself how beneficial another color or another product with only a few attributes changed is. Having the option to create many possibilities for consumers might put your customers in a paralyzing situation.