Google Back on Track with Google TV

Google Back on Track with Google TV

There are waves when it comes to innovation and products.
It is a zig zack between aggregation and individualism.
Something that happens across industries.

From eBay and Amazon gathering sellers and aggregate them. To Shopify, which initially was based on creating individual solutions and are now on its way back to aggregation.
From having Netflix as the aggregator of video content to the current streaming wars.
As the streaming world gets ever so crowded, Google is getting back to where it has it all began—making content accessible for its users.

With Google TV, it creates the universal interface on top of all those available today—making it personal!
This is such a great move. There are existing players in this field with JustWatch. But here comes the second power kicking in. With the ability to create hardware products in combination with software, you outperform individual apps.

When discussing this, it is worth noting that Amazon is also offering something similar, as does Apple. But the integration is much lower. I would also argue that Google has the better history when it comes to organizing data. The output of my Fire TV is low in regard to recommendations.

And for $49.99 including the device, I guess it is worth a try!