Microsoft Acquires Bethesda

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda

Right before the release of Microsoft's next-generation gaming console with $7.5 billion in cash.

With the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft around the corner. And the PC market-dominant in the high-end segment, the war for content is on.
Nintendo did such a great job of having its core game titles exclusive for there console. Other platforms also see this value and follow where possible. With battles over the first release and part-time exclusives going on for years.

Snatching up Bethesda with titles like Fallout and Doom is a big plus for the Xbox ecosystem.

But having to fight two battles all the time, the technology and the content one. Is not only going to reduce profits but also become a real challenge.With new disruptors like Google Stadia, xCloud, PlayStation Now, and GeForce Now. The field gets super crowded, no wonder why the battle for content is raging more than ever.

"Soon we'll just have Microsoft, Epic, and a conglomeration of EA, Activision, and Ubisoft after Bobby Kotick forces them all to merge."

The question is a bit what the underlying story is to this. Is it either Microsoft looking at trying to stay in the game or will this mark a bigger step towards getting the lead? As for example Warner Bros is also potentially up for grabs at a $4b evaluation.