Online Education

Online Education

With COVID-19 causing issues left and right, the educational sector is also affected. What we have seen in the last couple of months is a push toward online education. And while this hasn't worked out everywhere to the same degree. I am sure we can agree on the general idea.

Online education and especially systems like massive online open courses are essential. They bring knowledge to countries that can't provide higher education to everyone.
But they also add to the fact that we are in a world where constant learning is necessary. Sitting still means you lose touch with the current trends.

Think about it for a minute. I grew up with IRC and ICQ. Forums where our social media. Today we have TikTok, keeping up with technology and trends is no easy task.

The same goes for every other category, from finance to e-commerce, from marketing to sales. Having access to curated learning is very important.

We still didn't solve certification and acceptance, so institutes like NYU, Harvard, and others are still charging a lot of money. There are physical classes ($70k a year) and their online courses ($8k for two months).

While many US citizens will not pay it in full due to financial aid, it is a lot of money for foreigners. Especially when the value is still not accepted everywhere.

But this isn't a problem with universities alone. We have the same situations in other areas where you pay $2k for a two-day workshop to get a certificate without any test or verification.

It somehow troubles me that we didn't come up yet with a better solution for verifications. I mean yes, many people will ask for outcomes of certificates, but that can also not be the solution.

We seem to be on the right track, but not there yet.