SoftBank set to sell UK’s Arm Holdings to Nvidia for $40bn

SoftBank set to sell UK’s Arm Holdings to Nvidia for $40bn

Looks like we are getting closer to what many, including me, thought wouldn't be happening. Nvidia is looking to buy Arm from SoftBank.

A deal that made sense in many ways, but was problematic due to the nature of the ARM business. With many companies licensing ARM including Apple and Nvidia itself.

According to one of ARM’s co-founders, Hermann Hauser, allowing Nvidia to buy ARM would be a disaster, as it would compromise the neutrality and ability ARM has to address the needs of multiple disparate companies and vendors.

With many building there future on the foundation of ARM, like Apples Silicon.

The Outlook

With a deal announcement around the corner, we should also take a look into the potential upside. Nvidia would add a processor to the already strong lineup of GPUs.

Getting the opportunity to disrupt the current x86 platform. With Intel currently underperforming, it might be the best time to strike. As we had this discussion before, the time for modular systems might come to an end. With the full control of the stack, the synergies could be much greater in comparison with a vague set of components.

Nvidia already surpassed Intel and become the most valuable American chipmaker.