The Gaming Market Disruption

The Gaming Market Disruption

When a year ago, Stadia entered the market. Many thought this would be the end of traditional Gaming PCs.
Today with COVID and other effects, we have seen this is not the case. But when we acknowledge that people are generally bad at predicting how long something takes. We are still on a path towards it.

With Sony and Microsoft offering cloud gaming and a reduced specced console. Amazon is entering the field with Luna and an ever-increasing game library on Stadia. The writing is still on the wall.

And for good reasons, technical issues and the battle for content aside. There is no inherent value of having games eating up 250+ GB of storage on local machines and the upgrades needed to keep up.

There are still some hoops to jump, from making more content available to players to improve the technical side. But that will come, with 5G around the corner and recent acquisitions in the gaming industry. You can see that the marsh for cloud gaming is not going to stop.

Yes, many of the current top e-sports titles are not available on cloud gaming. But this will fix itself as it will follow the consumers to there platforms.

There is also a shift happening on the content side. EPIC is creating based on the Unreal Engine, a new gaming platform with Fortnite. With concerts and other events are taking place inside.

Or Roblox, the "architects of play". Which creates the platform to create games on it in a completely new scale.

Gaming is not going away anytime soon, but PC gaming in its current form is on its way out. After the fact, people are still creating arguments about why it was necessary to spend 2.000 EUR on a gaming system. But this will come to an end. There is not enough value in this segment anymore.

Pair this with the current technology landscape, where Intel is battling with ARM and NVIDIA is pushing AI. Even those who profit handsomely over the years from the gaming PC are shifting away into new fields.

Gaming PCs where a means to an end, an itermediate between consumers and games. But once you start thinking about it, a good working alternative would be highly appreciated!