Update on the EPIC vs Apple Dispute

Update on the EPIC vs Apple Dispute

While EPIC was able to get the attention of its Fortnite community and some free rider. The judge seems less impressed with the performance of EPIC in court so far.

Here are the important parts:

Judge Rogers questioned Epic on when, exactly Apple became a monopoly given that its App Store rules have remained unchanged since the App Store launched, which Epic had no solid answer for, responding only that it was a monopoly when Fortnite came to iOS in 2018. She also said that walled gardens have existed for four decades and that what Apple's doing isn't too different. "They created a platform," she said

She also reiterated that Epic Games made a "calculated decision" to defy Apple's App Store rules, and the court doesn't provide injunctions for contractual disputes. Epic was "not forthright," she said. "There are people in the public who consider you guys heroes for what you did, but it's not honest.

Epic Games continued to argue that Apple has an App Store monopoly and charges excessive fees, but the judge pointed out that the 30 percent rate that Apple collects is the "industry rate" collected by PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Google, and more. "It's all 30 percent and you just want to gloss over it," the judge said to Epic's lawyers.
That doesn't look too great for EPIC so far. Which has hoped those key elements alone would carry them.

EPIC is doing a very poor job of providing substantial evidence for there case. This makes sense given that their popularity was build upon that system that they now criticize.

Judge Rogers regardless said she would be up for a jury trial in July next year. Not sure if EPICs pockets are that deep ...