Why is 5G a Game Changer?

Why is 5G a Game Changer?

Advancements in the underlying technology standard for cellular networks is going on for years. But 5G is, in many regards, different, as it seems to power the entire next generation.

A Brief History

1991 - 2G

SMS, E-Mail, and internet text become available.

1998 - 3G

Apps, Websites, Videos, Pictures

2008 - 4G

Higher speed / Larger Data

2020 - 5G

Internet of Things paired with enormous data

The jump from 4G to 5G will increase the average speed from 25 Mbps towards 200-400 Mbps. Latency will go down from 20-30ms to <10. And bandwidth will raise to >1gbps.

But what powers the Internet of Thinks is the number of devices possible. With 4G, we had 100 000 devices per square kilometer. 5G will boost this number by a factor of 10!

While it looks from the outside very much like a fundamental improvement, what it will bring for consumers is massive.

From mobility to factories, from personal usage to company cases.

It will lay the foundation for autonomous vehicles and many other large scales connected use cases.

I am very excited about this topic and the potential it brings. While still being less optimistic about the adoption rate and implementation. Because it already starts to feel again that Germany and other European countries will fall behind in this segment.